Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot Careers in the Next 10 Years

Attention all you people looking for the next hot career to pursue, those hot careers which will still be booming in the next 10 years. Think data miner and simulation developer.

In business, data mining is the use of statistics to predict or explain customer behavior. Using statistics software, a data miner provides companies with data on what to sell and to whom. According to the Daystar Wheaton Group, a leading Chicago-area database marketing service company, data miners will continue to be in demand, and, if you choose that career path you will have no shortage of jobs to choose from. Someone looking to enter the field of data mining needs to study computer science and mathematics, with an emphasis in statistics and scientific computing.

A simulation developer develops programs that can educate, entertain, or train individuals. You may also know simulation developers by other names: computer game programmer, animation programmer, etc. What started out as entertainment, though, has quickly spread to other industries, such as education, corporations and even the military using simulated games for training purposes. And, the field is expected to continue as more and more industries come on board to utilize simulated programs. A person considering this career needs to focus their studies on game design and software programming. And, educational opportunities abound, with courses taught at traditional colleges and universities, as well as career colleges and universities such as DeVry University, which has programs designed specifically for game and simulation programming.


Sri said...

I am very well settled in the Computing Field. There is a huge career growth in this field. I got this chance with the help of Cloud jobs.

Lloyd said...

Exactly the question I have in mind, what career is in after I graduate. Because nowadays career is like a trend.

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