Thursday, March 27, 2008

Salary Negotiation Tips

Have a job interview coming up? Thought about how you're going to handle any salary questions?

That's right, as if the interview process were not daunting enough, you also have to know how to properly negotiate your salary. The key to successful salary negotiation is to not aim too far above or below the interviewer’s potential salary range. How do you do this? Well, the answer is to let the employer broach the salary subject.

Don't Give a Dollar Amount, Even if They Ask!

The employer must give the initial number! Knowledge is power - and you should use it to your advantage. Some employers will try to trick you into accepting an offer far less than what they were offering in the first place – but don’t fall into this trap. So what do you say? Tell them you're open to negotiation.

But, What if They're Pushy?

In the event that they try to lock you into a deal without making a formal offer, you simply decline the request to discuss salary until they make you an offer in writing. This will put the ball firmly back in their court. You may also want to quickly follow that with a statement that you’d like to learn more about their organization and how you can best make a contribution to it.

This will appeal to most interviewers, as they will have the impression that salary is a secondary concern and you are more than willing to join their team.

I Mean, Really, Really Pushy!

If the interviewer is very pushy, you may need to resort to the ‘level playing field’ tactic. You can remind the potential employer that leaving the organization you are with will mean that you expect to be compensated accordingly. At this point, you may need to disclose what you were, or are, making.

When it comes to salary negotiation, remember that verbal offer means nothing. You need a firm number and you need it in writing.

I found this YouTube video on how to handle this very question of salary in an interview. It's fairly short.

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