Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take Charge of your Own Career

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Our first post is titled "Take Charge of your Own Career" because, if you are looking for a promotion to further your career, it is not the boss who will do it for you but you, yourself.

You need to be able to take charge of your own career. Well, how do you do that?

Work Smarter

To make your career a successful one, you’ll need to work smarter, not harder. Before you enter any career, do research to find out whether or not that industry is growing. Choose a career that suits your skills and gives you room for growth and advancement.

Accept Change

Always be open to change and take the initiative to acquire new skills. Try to be the first person to accept change – that way, you show your employer that you are flexible and adaptable. Technology changes every day, and you must be able to handle it.

Accept Challenges

You will be able to produce good results only if you are interested in challenges. Along with being the first person to accept change, also be the first person to ask for more work. Ask for challenging work.

Help Yourself

Make no mistake about it – employers reward people that take the initiative.

Do not be dependent on others. It is better to make mistakes initially than to be dependent on others for help every time. Constant dependency will only hamper your productivity. You have to create your own opportunities.

Be A Team Player

Always take part in work-related meetings and try to give suggestions that will help resolve problems. Develop leadership qualities, and extend your help to coworkers whenever possible.

If you want your career to progress, you have to take charge of it.

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