Friday, April 11, 2008

Considering a Second Job?

Considering taking on a side job? In this economy, many people are, either taking on entirely different second jobs than their primary employment, or doing the same job, but at a cheaper rate than your employer charges (such as a plumber who does side jobs after working hours).

Second jobs can certainly help pay the bills or pad your savings, but you don't want them to jeopardize your primary job. Here are some tips to help you avoid losing your primary job:

..:: Make sure that you have not signed any sort of contract that would limit your ability to work outside of your primary employer. The most common contract that could affect your ability to do so is a non-compete contract, which states that, within certain geographical and chronological constraints, you are not allowed to work for (or start) a business that competes with your current employer.

..::Don't do anything on company time or on the company's dime for your side business. Don’t take phone calls for your side job, don’t read email for it, and don’t do work for it.

..::Don't networking for your side job when you should be working on a project for your primary position. So, if you're that plumber, don't solicit side work from the homeowner while you're there doing work for your employer.

..::If your primary job is the more important of the two, ditch your second job if the workload becomes too much.

If you're transitioning from employee to entrepreneur or from job to job, it's expected there will be some sort of overlap. But, don't allow that overlap to jeopardize your primary job until you're ready and able to complete the transition.

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