Monday, April 7, 2008

High Salary Careers's homepage just had an interesting article about surprising salaries, including some high salary careers you might like to know:

For example did you know there are only 1,700 astronomers in the U.S.? That might explain why an astronomer makes an annual salary of $95,740. Are you deciding what your second career might be? How about an astronomer? Of course, this is not an easy career change; most astronomers have doctorates.

Another high-salary career? Think elementary school principal. For those of you who thought working for the school system meant taking a step down in pay, think again. Elementary school principals make an average of $79,310. And the benefits? Huge. If you work for a public school system you have great health and retirement benefits. You know those retirees who play golf and tennis all day and take several cruises a year? Principals. Okay, maybe not everyone of them's a principal, but you can bet your average retired principal is having a nice retirement. Of course, being a principal can be a stressful job. It's not just sitting in your office and scolding the really bad kids. They have budgets and personnel they have to manage, not to mention angry parents.

One career not in the MSN article, but a personal favorite of mine is librarian. Librarian? That's right, a librarian can be counted among high-salary careers. And, the job growth outlook, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pretty good, due to the fact that a large number of librarians are due to retire in the coming decade. Of course, a librarian can work in many different types of libraries: elementary schools, junior colleges, universities, public libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, etc., so there is a wide range of salaries. Here are some examples of median librarian salaries in the U.S. as of May, 2006:

Junior colleges $52,030
Colleges, universities, and professional schools 51,160
Elementary and secondary schools 50,710

And, according to the BLS, the average annual salary for all librarians in the Federal Government in nonsupervisory, supervisory, and managerial positions was $80,873 in 2007.

That's Fine - But What About Six-Figure Jobs and Careers?

Glad you asked. I also stumbled upon an article on which listed some six-figure careers without having to obtain a professional degree (even better). What are they?

..:: Marketing Manager

..:: Health Services Manager with compliance skills

..:: Information Systems Manager

..:: Financial Manager

..:: Human Resources Manager

..:: Fashion Designer

..:: Court Reporter coupled with freelance overtime for private depositions

..:: Computer Application Development Manager

..:: Educational Administrator

The reason I'm bringing all these careers to your attention is to point out that when looking for another career, you have to stretch your thinking.

It's good to go to job sites, such as or and see what types of jobs are out there and what they're offering. For those of you wanting to check out careers making over $100,000 per year you might want to go to You will have to register, but they do have a free registration with limited access. Check all the different categories; see what type of educational background you'll need. It's also a good idea to go to government job sites and see what are the in-demand, high-salary careers as well. Who knows, you may stumble onto something really great.

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