Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Dress for Success

They say clothes make the man (or woman). And, when you're successful in your career, your clothing will reflect that. Even if you have a way to go in your career goals, dressing the part can help, both mentally for you and in how people react to you.

So, how do you dress for success?


For women:

o Skirted suit or pants suit

o Skirts should be knee-length or slightly above or below

o Wear neutral or flesh-tone hose

o Pants should break at the top of the foot or shoe

o Watch the the neckline of your blouse: not too low

o Low heel flats better than flats or high-heels

o Don't overdo it with the jewelry

For men:

o Go with a conservative suit: navy, black or grey; solid or pinstripe

o Add a solid white or blue dress shirt

o Go with a simple silk tie, nothing too flashy

o Shoes should be lace up and polished

o Make sure your socks match

o Keep socks calf-length or above

o Wear a belt that matches your shoes

What about accessories?

o When it comes to jewelry, again, don't overdo it. Keep it simple and conservative. You want them focused on you, not your five rings and gold chains.

o For women think red when choosing a handbag. See our video on women's handbag. (Just click on the below label for "dress for success," you'll see it.)

o For both men and women a briefcase can be very professional. Leave the backpack at home.

o Remember, a pen is an also an accessory. Do you really want to write notes with a cheap, throwaway stick pen? Invest in a stylish pen and bring it with you.

o Avoid strong cologns or perfumes. You never know if the interviewer is sensitive to strong smells.

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