Friday, April 4, 2008

Tip of the Day: Don't Get Distracted!

Those who are most successful at finding work dedicate as much time to their job search as they would a full-time job.

Yeah, I know, another tip that's a DUH! But, think about what it means. You would spend 7 to 8 hours at a job, right? So, make getting a job you're job! That means not getting distracted! Actually put in that amount of time! (Wow that's alot of exclamation points!)

Okay, so you're probably wondering "how can I possibly look for a job for 7 to 8 hours a day." Well, it's not all looking for a job. That can include anything that will help propel you to getting a job. That can include reading a book on self-esteem. That can include taking a class to boost your job skills. That can include meditation to help calm yourself as you go through a stressful period of unemployment. That can include self-hypnosis to give yourself some positive affirmations to help your confidence or help attract work to you. (Yeah, I do believe that. I'll probably post about that later).

What that doesn't include is grocery shopping, cleaning the house, doing yard work (unless, of course you're getting really stressed and gardening or cleaning the house is like meditation for you. In that case, come to my house and clean it and really get mellow).

Putting in a full day of work-related activities helps your job search, but can also boost your self esteem, giving you the sense that you have accomplished something. You don't want to feel like that unemployed person who has squandered another day. If you have chores like shopping or laundry, make it something you do on your lunch hour.

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