Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Forget to Network

You may think that networking is beyond your reach. What you don’t realize is that it is something you probably do every day! When you call in a favor, when you ask a co-worker for assistance, when you are introduced to new colleagues, you are networking.

Networking involves contacting existing and new people within or outside of your line of work. Many employers don't post their most lucrative job openings, instead they rely on existing staff members to spread the news by word of mouth. This system of referrals usually produces a smaller pool of the most qualified candidates - thus the employer doesn't waste money on advertising or time interviewing poor candidates.

Get Out There and Network!

You can increase your network by going to places where people in your field gather, joining a local association, or even taking a class. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to meet individuals you would not otherwise come into contact with. You may also choose to join an online social networking website dedicated to networking professionals.

Networking is important even if you are happy with your current job and are not looking to change. A diverse network comes in handy in the event of a crisis, whenever you have business related difficulties or are looking for a better job opportunity.

People who are at the top of the corporate ladder have extensive networks that they rely on for many different reasons. They realize that even though they may be at the top of their careers, their network will help keep them there.

Start surfing online to find sites that may be of interest to you and are in your line of work. If you have difficulty finding reliable sources, then contact the professional association for your field and they should be able to give you some great referrals. No matter how you go about it, networking is something that no professional can afford NOT to do!

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